What Is Backflow Prevention Testing?​

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In any pressurized water system there is a potential for water to flow backwards and contaminate the whole system. Backflow testing helps to prevent contamination of the water system and stop sewer or waster water entering the mains water . This kind of work can be carried out by our emergency plumbers team in Ramsgate

What is Best Practice to Prevent Backflow?

The simple answer is to create an air gap between drainage in mains water systems so that water cannot flow backwards. This will stop the chance of any harmful bacteria getting through into the main water supply

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

The most reliable backflow prevention device is simply an air gap however our team can install a device that looks like a valve or tap, this will prevent back siphonage . This can occur when back pressure builds up in the system and find its way into the water supply.

Common Backflow Prevention Devices

The most are:

  • Dual check valves
  • RPZ valves
  • An Air Gap
  • Double check valves
  • Break tank

Backflow Prevention Services

Our expert plumbing team have a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing backflow prevention systems. We can also test and certify your devices as well as offer top expert advice for any installation.

Who Requires Backflow Testing?

There are a number of commercial enterprises that require backflow testing by law and in-line with the current AS/NZS standard 3500-1 section 4.3 , our commercial plumbing team are up to date with all the latest methods and standards to assist you with any job . Some common industries are

  • restaurants
  • retail shops
  • swimming pools
  • waterfront facilities
  • residential apartment complexes
  • medical facilities
  • dental facilities
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